Travels of SV Far Niente

Saturday, January 09, 2010


We are currently anchored in Thompson Bay, Long Island, Bahamas. I discovered this washed up on shore and decided to investigate. As I approached it began to "hum" causing me to turn and run! Today I charged up my Phaser and returned to the scene. I called out for ET but he didn't answer and I went in for a closer look. What I assumed was an alien spacecraft turned out to be a small submarine. Sadly it was anchored when a storm blew through and smashed upon the rocks.
It has been a cool and windy season so far this winter season with many cold fronts. Another is due to arrive tonight with winds forecasted 20 to 25 gusting 30+ with squalls. I expect we'll be "boat bound" for a couple days then hopefully we'll head over to the Jumentos for a month or so.


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