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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Retirement is wearing us out! We've never been so busy. We drove to Dallas in June to see the kids and so I could have shoulder surgery to repair an injury I suffered after chasing a pop fly during a softball game in the Bahamas a couple years ago. I've been rehabing back in Vero for almost 10 weeks now. Progress has been pretty good, although sometimes painfully slow.
Diane has been sewing a new set of "clothes" for our lady. New dodger, bimini, and complete enclosure. 30+ yards of Sunbrella, 75+ zippers, and about 150 yards of bias tape! She's almost finished! In her spare time she's made new covers for our diesel, gas and water cans. She also intends to make new covers for all the winches. We must be color co-ordinated you know!
In October we'll move the boat to the "work area" of the boat yard to prep and paint the bottom, wax the hull and prepare her for launching. We'll then return to her Vero's marina and begin re-assembly and provisioning. We're looking forward to returning to the Bahamas for the winter. It may be our last visit as we're seriously considering doing the ARC Europe in 2011.
This year, two boats from our Texas marina will be joining us in the Bahamas. Good friends Bob & Bev on Savage Son and Keith, Carol and Mike on Prevailing Wind are shipping their boats to Fl in Novemeber and will cross to the Bahamas in December. It will be so much fun sailing with them!
Finally, the condo is shaping up nicely as well. We "bit the bullet" and had granite counters installed in the kitchen. Also went with a nice large and deep double sink (stainless), a high tech faucet and a high power (but quiet) disposal. What a difference! We also have a standby generator now which will guarantee no hurricane will pay us a visit!


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